The modified Mindfulness intervention, tailored to the information processing characteristics of adults with ASD, is described in a book.
After an introduction and theoretical explanation on the subject of mindfulness , separate chapters describe 14 meditation interventions that can be used. In each chapter, practical advice is given (cues) and potential pitfalls and questions are discussed. At the end of each chapter, feedback from people with ASD has been included, illustrating their experience with that particular meditation technique.
Besides being a self-help book to people who have a diagnosis in the autism spectrum, it is also a concise reference book for health care providers (such as clinicians and other health practitioners) who wish to help their clients acquire these techniques. The book also offers protocols/structures that adults with ASD can use in order to practice and acquire the meditation skills.  In addition, the last chapter describes a 9-week protocol for a group mindfulness training, that  health practitioners can utilize.

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